Mystic Moon Mala


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The phenomenon of “Dark Moon” is a magic moment. The moon is situated farthest from our Planet and approaches to the Sun until almost embrace it, vanishing after its brightness in the sky.

Searching new forecasts, taking the reins of our life and appearing our most positive part are some of the effects of the Dark Moon, as with the gems of this Mala: Onyx, Moonstone and Silver.


Onyx is the gem of strength. Absorbs the energy of the universe and transforms negative forces. Gives the necessary push needed for new beginnings.

Moonstone is a stone connected with the Moon and associated with the lunar deities. Symbolizes cycles and changes, in similarity to the Moon. It is an emotional stabilizer, increases intuition and harmonizes relationships.

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Onyx: Gemstone of strength. Absorbs the energy of the universe and transforms negative forces. Helps with objectivity and making intelligent decisions. 

Moonstone: Provides balance and serves as an emotional stabilizer. Increases intuition and perception harmonizing relationships. Works with emotions, specially with anxiety and stress.

Silver: Precious metal that stimulates perception, comprehension and self-observation.

Rudraksha: Planted and treated in an ecological way, from sustainable plantations. Dye free.

Rudraksha beads, used for their properties since ancient times, contains 4 elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is known for increasing clarity and general awareness, helping to ease the mind and to dispel negative energy.

It is also related to rises in energy and endurance, and at the same time provides with electromagnetic qualities when in contact with the skin. They can even last for 8 generations.

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