Eternity Mala


Sale! Eternity Mala with Lava and Sandalwood of Mukhas

You embody inner strength, power and clarity. A symbol of infinity, without beginning or an end. You are made of love, gratitude, instants, spontaneity.

You have no limits, fear of new beginnings, you are constantly changing in the search for prosperity. You are made of nows, you are Eternity.


With Lava, stone of physical and mental strength, which stands out for its qualities of power and clarity. Golden Obsidian, used to keep negative energy away, helping in making successful decisions, and changes in significant moments of life. African turquoise, protection gem that attracts connection with the spiritual world, increases love, optimism and well-being. Howlite, gem of peace and wisdom. And Sandalwood, known for promoting calm and sense of consciousness, enhancing intuition.

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Lava: A stone of strength and fertility. Used by American Indians when entering battle for strength and clarity.

Provides with both physical and mental strength and gives stability when facing difficult situations. 

Howlite: Stone of awareness. Gives calming energy and is used for reducing stress.

Excellent against insomnia and overloaded minds. Good for meditation.

Golden Obsidian: Known as volcanic glass. Used for keeping negative energies away and helping to make clear decisions.

Revitalizes feelings and stabilizes and balances energy.

African Turquoise: One of the eldest protecting gemstones. Attracts strength and connection with the spiritual world.

It is a symbol of joy, optimism, welfare and adventure, and it is often used to boost and increase love.

Sandalwood: From a private sustainable plantation in Mysore, India, a region known for having the best woods and fragances of Sandalwood. Dye free.

This Indian wood is known for promoting deep meditation through its perfume, calmness and sense of consciousness, awakening sensuality and enhancing intuition.

Very used in Hindu tradition for its multiple benefits and for being considered an aphrodisiac.

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