Resilient Mala


Sale! Resilient Mala with Sandalwood and authentic gemstones of Mukhas

Resilience -Ability of adaptation of a person with a disturbing agent or an adverse state or situation.

Let your fears and insecurities offer opportunities. Behind them it is placed your peace, your liberation and your freedom. Attract the energy you want to reflect, stay in balance, let peace come from within; nothing can overtake your soul.


With Amethyst, gem of spiritual balance and harmony that promotes trust and inspiration. Howlite, stone of peace and wisdom used to reduce all kinds of stress, Smokey Quartz, grounding and protective stone that relieves fears and encourages positive energy, Silver and Sandalwood, known for promoting deep meditation through its perfume and sense of consciousness, awakening sensuality and enhancing intuition.

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Amethyst: Transformation and wisdom stone. Helps create stability, strength, inspiration and a true sense of peace. 

It is considered to have a strong power of healing. Opens and boosts the Third-eye Chakra. 

Works with emotions, specially with anxiety and stress.

Howlite: Stone of awareness. Gives calming energy and is used for reducing stress.

Excellent against insomnia and overloaded minds. Good for meditation.

Smokey Quartz: An excellent grounding and protective stone. Good for relieving stress and anxiety.

Encourages positive thought and action. 

Sandalwood: From a private sustainable plantation in Mysore, India, a region known for having the best woods and fragances of Sandalwood. Dye free.

This Indian wood is known for promoting deep meditation through its perfume, calmness and sense of consciousness, awakening sensuality and enhancing intuition.

Very used in Hindu tradition for its multiple benefits and for being considered an aphrodisiac.

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