Serendipity Mala


Sale! Serendipity Mala with authentic gemstones and Sandalwood

Serendipity - That lucky finding, almost by accident, valuable and unexpected that occurs by chance when you were looking for something different.

Let life live through you, do not resist the changes that come on your way, how do you know that the best in not jet to come? Trip with something really wonderful, guide yourself through intuition. Allow exciting and unexpected things happen in your life. 


With Amazonite, gem that soothe feeling and transforms negativity into positive strength, African Turquoise, symbol of optimism, love and adventure, Sodalite the gem of luck that provides the necessary thrust in hard periods, Silver and Sandalwood, known for promoting deep meditation through its perfume and sense of consciousness, awakening sensuality and enhancing intuition.

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Amazonite: Promotes universal love and relieves fear and worries.

It is known for soothing feelings and harmonizing the nervous system, transforming negativity into positive strength. 

At a physical level, blocks, absorbs and protects from electromagnetic pollution, microwave radiation, and mobile emanations.

African Turquoise: One of the eldest protecting gemstones. Attracts strength and connection with the spiritual world. It is a symbol of joy, optimism, welfare and adventure, and it is often used to boost and increase love.

Sodalite: The ocean blue stone is believed to provide power, healing, and luck. It is also associated with the throat chakra, aiding in confidence when communicating. Useful during exam or hard working periods providing the necessary thrust and confidence. 

Sandalwood: From a private sustainable plantation in Mysore, India, a region known for having the best woods and fragances of Sandalwood. Dye free.

This Indian wood is known for promoting deep meditation through its perfume, calmness and sense of consciousness, awakening sensuality and enhancing intuition.

Very used in Hindu tradition for its multiple benefits and for being considered an aphrodisiac.

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