Coral Snake Mala


Sale! Coral Snake Mala Bead for yoga and meditation. Yoga jewel.

Your spirit is wild and protector. You are resilient to changes and stay brave and patient in the face of danger. You surround yourself with a joyous life in which love prevails. Your have a confident personality and your guide is your intuition. Pursue your dreams without looking back.


Labradorite is a natural stone that fosters a joyful and happy life, improving intuition and ability to clairvoyance, while Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz are stones of love and positivity.

Pyrite is a protective gem, attracting wealth and transforming negative energies. Howlite and Crystal Quartz are stones of clarity of thought, relaxation and calm.

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Pyrite: Powerful protection stone. The power of this gemstone lies in its capacity to restructure energies, turning negative energy into positive. It is also considered the stone that attracts richness, money and helps making good deals. 

Rhodochrosite: The stone of love and balance. Opens the heart, lifting depression and encourages a positive cheerful attitude to life.

Howlite: Stone of awareness. Gives calming energy and  is used for reducing stress. Excellent against insomnia and overloaded minds. Good for meditation. 

Labradorite: Enhances mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence control. Amplifies happiness, joy and sense of security. Helps with brain and memory problems while strengthens the intellect. 

Crystal Quartz: The natural energy of quartz is harmony. Increases spiritual wisdom, insight and clarity of thought. Opens and activates Crown Chakra.

Rose Quartz: Connected with Heart Chakra, it is the stone of love in all varieties. Symbolizes romantic love, family love, friendship and self-esteem. Among its qualities, it stands out for its capacity to open the heart and to strengthen relationships. 

Rudraksha: Planted and treated in an ecological way, from sustainable plantations. Dye free.

Rudraksha beads, used for their properties since ancient times, contains 4 elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is known for increasing clarity and general awareness, helping to ease the mind and to dispel negative energy.

It is also related to rises in energy and endurance, and at the same time provides with electromagnetic qualities when in contact with the skin. They can even last for 8 generations.

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