CLEANING KIT for Home, Gems & Malas


Sale! CLEANING KIT for Home, Gems & Malas

Among the different cleaning methods, we can find Air rituals. And in fact, they are the most suitable for our most delicate Gems, and for our Malas and bracelets. Also to purify and clean our home and workspaces, as well as on us.

An air cleaning ritual will allow us to perform this "reset", with a positive and balancing motivation. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of the most natural fragances!

The cleaning kit includes: A bundle of natural Salvia (cleaner, purifier), a stick of Palo Santo (balancing, expels bad energy), a stick of Selenite, an Amethyst and a Crystal Quartz (natural cleaners). The kit is prepared in a linen bag and a Mukhas cardboard box.

Numerous uses for both Palo Santo stick and Salvia bundle.

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