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Sale! Astro Zodiac earrings with natural stones and Silver, of Mukhas Collection

According to astrology, such as the study of the position and movement of the stars whose interpretation aims to know the destiny of people and to predict earthly events, each of the zodiac signs has its own unique characteristics, and also its favorite Gems.

Do you dare to connect with your deepest self ?!


Mini earrings in 925 Silver (nickel, cadmium and lead free) with Gem to choose:

Green Aventurine- TAURUS. Stability, prosperity, luck. Heart chakra

Lapis Lazuli- SAGITTARIUS. Authenticity, thought amplifier, knowledge.

Red Jasper- ARIES. Courage, energy, strength.

Crystal Quartz - GEMINI. Harmony, clarity.

Rose Quartz - CANCER. Love, emotional well-being

Citrine- LEO. Abundance, wealth, light.

Hematite- VIRGO. Magnetism, dissipates negative energy.

Malachite- LIBRA. Direction, transformation.

Obsidian- SCORPIO. Changes, stabilizer, balance.

Smoky Quartz- CAPROCORNIO. Grounding, protection, positive energy.

Amethyst- AQUARIUS. Balance, peace, spirituality.

Sodalite- PISCIS. Trust, thrust.

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