Our major premise is to give our customers the best service, always looking for the easiest and most convenient formula to purchase through our online store, with the goal of making it an experience and enjoy buying your favourite items in a unique way.



You can EXCHANGE your article for another of equal or higher amount or another size, or get a VOUCHER with no expiration date.

Pre-ordered products can not be exchanged.


Returns are admitted provided the article is in perfect condition, original packaging and within a period of not more than 14 calendar days from the purchase date. 

.Please contact us at pedidos@mukhas.com, and inform about the exchange request. 

*All the exchanges will be under the responsibility and charge of the buyer.



For Mukhas Collection® quality in everything we design and manufacture is a must, and we take it very seriously. Our products are manufactured with high quality materials, however, we could deliver a defective product.

In case of supplying a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT, Mukhas Collection will replace the article with a new one.

Please, contact us at pedidos@mukhas.com within 24h since reception. 

Mukhas Collection will cover the shipping costs.



We do not refund the cost of the product for reasons such as negligence, misuse of the product or natural wear of our items. The natural wear of a product depends on the use and care given to it.

We do not accept reparations or exchanges for this reason.



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