Where can I purchase your products?

We sell our products in www.mukhas.com. We are in international expansion, so they can also be displayed in different brick-and-mortar or online shops and blogs in USA, Europe & Spain. More info: Shops and Press


What´s my jewel size?

Within each product, in the "Specifications" tab, you can find this information. Necklaces generally have a length of between 17.7 & 19.6 inches, and bracelets the following: Small: 6" inches around, Medium: 6.5" inches around, Large: 7" inches around.

Each piece is unique, handmade and elaborated with natural materials, so all the measures are always approximate.


I am a brick-and-mortar store, blog or online website, and I am interested in selling your products

We have an Affiliates and Wholesale Program for you. If you want to join our team, please contact us at info@mukhas.com


Trying to place an order and the zipcode is invalid

Check that you are introducing the correct zipcode and specially, that there is no blank space in front, as the website form will read it as an additional zero and invalid it. If the problem persists, do not hesite to contact us at  info@mukhas.com


Successful purchase

We always send an email to confirm that the purchase has been successful. When the order has been wrapped and shipped, another email is sent to the customer.


Last minute order changes

Send an email to pedidos@mukhas.com as soon as possible to make last minute changes (size, or shipping address) If the order has not been sent yet, we can change it!


Payment methods

We accept credit card, Paypal and bank transfer.

When paying by bank transfer the shipment may delay until payment is received. After 7 calendar days without receiving the transaction, the order will be automatically canceled.


How to apply a discount in my order? 

To benefit from a promotion or discount in Mukhas is very easy: Whenever we have special discounts in the shop, we specify a "voucher code". It means that introducing the specific code, that amount will be discounted automatically.

The steps are:

- Select the chosen product and click in "add to cart"

- Select "proceed to checkout"

- Shopping cart summary screen will appear. Here there is an area called “vouchers” where the voucher code has to be applied

- Enter the voucher code and click OK.

The discount will automatically be effective. Do not forget that we can help you in pedidos@mukhas.com 


Special events gifts

We love to custom special gifts for any event, from 10 or more units.


Caring our Malas


We suggest washing it occasionally to remove dirt. Due to the contact with the skin, they will turn darker with wear, which is the desired effect. Beads are known to last up to 8 generations!

Brand labels are made of copper and zinc alloy (100% natural metals) for their ease of melting and mold, high durability and impact resistance, as well as being anti-allergic and requiring a more sustainable working process by consuming less energy.



We use free nickel, lead, cadmium Silver 925.

Avoid direct use with chemicals and acids (perfumes, soaps, detergents, lacquers ...)

To clean, use a cotton cloth or a non-abrasive suede to remove dirt and bring shine.


Will my piece look the same as in the picture?

The photographs in the website respond faithfully to the products. They are made on high quality in order to reflect with maximum detail each jewel.

As elements of nature, each piece is unique and can vary in color and shape. In addition, the manufacturing process influences the final result, because our products are handmade.


FURTHER QUESTIONS? We are here to help you! info@mukhas.com


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