Facing the setbacks, boosting self-confidence, enhacing creativity, improving our quality of life, and a long list of etceteras that will help us to surround ourselves with calm and positivity.

Malas go back to the Eastern ancient tradition and are considered powerful tools with the shape of a jewel, with 108 hand knotted beads to help us focus our attention on a conscious meditation and slow lifestyle.

Traditionally, mantras are recited with each bead and can be an intention or reaffirmation, providing with a feeling of balance and harmony. Sliding our fingers through each bead and directing our energy and attention is a gentle reminder to focus on the present moment.



Traditional Malas involve a process of artisan elaboration in which the ancestral practice that characterizes them is respected step by step.

A specific spiritual number of beads, led by the number 108 and its arithmetic measures drawn from it, and a specific number of strands of thread that run through the Mala, which must be 3 or 9,  including a hand-knotting process by expert hands, creates a genuine and valuable piece.

For all these reasons, Mukhas Malas are authentic.



In Mukhas we love nature and we only commit to natural materials in accordance with the original Malas.

Authentic Gems, used for their ability to provide different energetic influences. 

Rudraksha, dye free and sustainable certified by the Indonesian Government, known for its electromagnetic properties in contact with the skin and its ability to calm the mind and dissipate negative energies.

Sandalwood, dye free and from a private plantation of Mysore, with a harmonizing fragrance that promotes deep relaxation, calmness and sense of consciousness, awakening sensuality and enhancing intuition.

Oeko-tex standard 100 threads in terms of allergens and respect for the environment, and chemical-free Silver (nickel, lead, cadmium) to give the final touch to these authentic pieces handmade with love.



Intuition works like a compass for the soul, and whatever is your motivation, it will always be the right one.

It is about connecting with the one that best embodies our personality and best reflects our purpose. Or with the one that chooses us ...

What do you want to manifest in your life? In Mukhas we classify Gems according to different ESSENCES (love, inner strength, peace and harmony, intuition and creativity...) and this can be an interesting initial point for your choice.

Each Gem or Mala represents something different for each person. A meditation tool, a concrete reminder, an inspiration, a feeling. Embrace your motivation and let it guide you towards your choice.

Carry them with you, place them in your spaces, allow them to accompany you on your trip. Remember your true essence every time you feel or visualize it.



Using a Mala is very simple. The tassel represents the ending point and immediately in its upper position the "guru" bead is placed (bead nº 109): a reminder of the cycle that begins and ends, to start over again.

The way around the 108 beads starts in the right bead next to the guru. They should be held with the left hand (reception hand).

Try using your thumb to turn the beads. You can use your thumb nail to pull the bead towards you. Or you can use your thumb to rotate the bead by turning it and moving to the next.

Remember to use your Mala with your heart.


Mukhas Test: What´s your Essence and Mantra?


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