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Sale! Bedside Stone Pack with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Selenite of Mukhas Collection

Special pack for bedrooms, ideal to be placed on the bedside table. Surrounding ourselves with harmony produces inner harmony, and this is our most personal selection of crystals, to connect with our home and with our own inner nature.


This pack includes: Rose Quartz carved in the shape of a heart, Amethyst Cluster mini size and a Selenite base carved in a circular slice.

Rose Quartz: Represents the warmth, security, stability and strength of relationships. For children's bedrooms, Rose Quartz is indicated for sweet nights.

Amethyst Cluster: Balances our inner energy and the whole atmosphere. Brings spiritual balance, harmony and feeling of peace.

Selenite: Of angelic looking and fine vibration, infuses spirituality and light, and a harmonious and peaceful environment.

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