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Sale! Feng Shui Pack with Platonic solids and Crystal Quartz of Mukhas

Surrounding ourselves with harmony in our environment produces inner harmony, and this is our most personal selection of crystals, to connect with our home and with our inner nature.


5 PLATONIC SOLIDS or forms carved in Crystal Quartz that forms the Universe.

-Tetrahedron-Fire: Symbolizes the Solar Plexus Chakra. Place in places in your home that you feel are colder or wetter.

-Cube-Earth: Symbolizes the most stable and solid energy, what can be materialized. Include it near where we keep the money, for example, or in our plans or projects.

-Octahedron-Air: Symbolizes the expansion of energy. Ideal in areas of your home where you feel that energy stagnates easily.

-Icosahedron-Water: Symbolizes spiritual energy. Place in your business as it will enhance the activity, action and willingness to move forward.

-Dodecahedron-Ether: Symbolizes the energy of the soul. Ideal in therapy rooms, waiting rooms or bedrooms.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ PENDULUM to measure the energy levels in each sector of the house and balance areas, or in Meditation and Yoga to open and replenish the energy of the Chakras.

AMETHYST CLUSTER AND CRYSTAL QUARTZ energy purifiers for any room, and as complement for other minerals.

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