Gemotherapy Stone Pack


Sale! Gemotherapy Stone Pack for Feng Shui of Mukhas Collection

Pack of natural stones indicated for Gemotherapy at home, Feng Shui or Reiki.

With the energetic particularities of the gems, they exert a positive and beneficial influence in certain spaces or in ourselves, for a perfect enhancement to any environment.


This pack includes: Amethyst Cluster, Clear Crystal Quartz Point, Rose Quartz Raw Chunk, and 5 natural stones representing the elements based in this philosophy (wood, metal, earth, water, fire)


Learn how to use this Gemotherapy pack in our Blog with Yasmina Rodríguez, expert and consultant in Feng Shui.


Amethyst. It is the Tao of gems. Balances our inner energy & any stay, and is the perfect complement for the rest of stones. Ideal in reception rooms but also in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. It is a gem of water and fire.


Metal element stones (white stones, Pyrite or Lapis Lazuli) that seek communication, prosperity and protection at home, accompanied by Rose Quartz or Crystal Quartz.


Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, or Tiger's Eye. The dining room is represented in oriental philosophy by several elements, but the most important one is earth. This element you find in these three gems.


Rose Quartz represents warmth, stability and security. For children's bedrooms, Rose Quartz for sweetening nights and Crystal Quartz as protection.



The favorite gem in Feng Shui for the kitchen is earth element (Amber, Carnelian, Smokey Quartz) as promotes abundance.



The whole range of quartz: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Crystal Quartz, Green Quartz, Milky Quartz... they act as purifiers, cleaning the negative energies of space and preventing Chi from stagnating.

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