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Sale! Be Fierce Bracelet with authentic gemstones of Mukhas Colellection

Be optimistic, be dynamic. Take a bite of your life, roar at the unforeseen. Taste nonconformity, it's exciting, it's passion. It is the reason why you risk, you know that something absolutely incredible is going to happen. Believe in yourself, you are the key to that exciting and unforgettable life.

"It is forbidden not to smile at problems, not to fight for what you want, to quit everything for fear, not to make your dreams come true" -Pablo Neruda-


Tiger´s Eye is the stone of protection and good luck. It strengthens self-confidence and attracts prosperity, while Onyx matte is the gem of strength, providing the necessary thrust for new beginnings.

Howlite is the gem of peace, relaxation and calm, and the combination of Rudrani and Rudraksha helps to harmonize feminine and masculine energies, manifesting divine feminine power or "shakti".


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Tiger´s Eye: Stone of protection that helps grounding. Enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. Enhances good luck and brings prosperity often in the form of money. Strengthens self confidence and a positive attitude to life.  

Ónix matte: Gemstone of strength. Absorbs the energy of the universe and transforms negative forces. Helps with objectivity and making intelligent decisions. 

Howlite: Stone of awareness. Gives calming energy and is used for reducing stress. Excellent against insomnia and overloaded minds. Good for meditation.

Rudrani: Planted and treated in an ecological way, from sustainable plantations. Dye free.

The small Rudrani beads have similar properties to Rudraksha ones, but they are better known for representing the capacity to express Shakti, that is, the active and dynamic energy of feminine divine power.

The use of Rudrani and Rudraksha together helps to harmonize the energies of the masculine and feminine relations.

Rudraksha: Planted and treated in an ecological way, from sustainable plantations. Dye free.

Rudraksha beads, used for their properties since ancient times, contains 4 elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is known for increasing clarity and general awareness, helping to ease the mind and to dispel negative energy.

It is also related to rises in energy and endurance, and at the same time provides with electromagnetic qualities when in contact with the skin. They can even last for 8 generations.

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