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Sale! Mermaid Bracelet Authentic Mala Bead of Mukhas Collection

Your true beauty comes from within. You are a sea goddess, loving to experience great rides and take the big waves of life. You live less out of habit, and more out of intention. Your mantra: a smooth sea never made a skilled mermaid. You are a mermaid, and belong to the sea.


Turquoise is a symbol of well-being, optimism and adventure, used to activate and increase love, while Amazonite is known for calming emotions by transforming negativity into positive force. Howlite is the stone of peace and wisdom, associated with relaxation and calm. Blue lace Agate balances and harmonizes, being a source of inspiration and giving confidence in oneself.


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Howlite: Stone of awareness. Gives calming energy and  is used for reducing stress. Excellent against insomnia and overloaded minds. Good for meditation. 

Agate: This gem balances and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. It is a source of inspiration, strengthening our analytic capacity and bringing confidence to one self. Blue Lace Agate opens the Throat Chakra.

Turquoise: It is one of the eldest protecting gemstones. It attracts strength and connection with the spiritual world. It is a symbol of joy, optimism, welfare and adventure, and it is often used to boost and increase love.

Amazonite: Promotes universal love and relieves fear and worries. It is known for soothing feelings and harmonizing the nervous system, transforming negativity into positive strength. At a physical level, blocks, absorbs and protects from electromagnetic pollution, microwave radiation, and mobile emanations.

Rudraksha: Planted and treated in an ecological way, from sustainable plantations. Dye free.

Rudraksha beads, used for their properties since ancient times, contains 4 elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It is known for increasing clarity and general awareness, helping to ease the mind and to dispel negative energy.

It is also related to rises in energy and endurance, and at the same time provides with electromagnetic qualities when in contact with the skin. They can even last for 8 generations.

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