Aqua Quartz Points



The collection "Unique Gems" is our most personal selection of crystals, to connect with our home and with our own inner nature. Because surrounding ourselves with harmony produces inner harmony.


Selection of three Aura Quartz Points or "unicorn tears".

-White Angel Aura

-Aqua blue Aura

-Titanium multicolor Aura

They are the result of the combination between nature and precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium, Cobalt ... creating a rainbow colored layer. This alchemical process intensifies the vibration of the points of pure natural Quartz.

They relate to the activation of all the Chakras, and to the calmness of the aura, inspiring a happy life.


Position: They are creative crystals, which will give you an extra magic and positivity in your day to day.

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$ 29.00


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