FEMININE POWER Special Edition


Sale! Special Edition Feminine Power with Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Amazonite, Geode and Hematite of Mukhas

Fall in love with these little pieces that the earth has forged in its heart through its light, its perfect imperfection. Feel its essence, connect with its nature, honor its scars, they tell its particular story. Its reflection is ours, its inner brightness keeps its true beauty. We are a Gem.



Moonstone: The connection of the woman with the Moon is evident, and women are cyclical. This natural stone helps to calm and balance our emotions, enhances our feminine part and increases intuition. Known since ancient times for exerting positive effects in the premenstrual moment, pregnant women, fertility and conception and even in the phases of menopause.

Amazonite: It was the emblematic stone of the "Amazons", a manifestation of universal love and conjugal happiness. Releases emotions, toxic relationships, emotional traumas, negative energies and anger. It is considered especially beneficial during menstruation, avoiding cycle pains, in addition to helping to have mild pregnancies.

Hematite: Protective energy Gem that develops personal magnetism and improves self-esteem. They were used in pregnancies for their relationship with the circulatory system.

Double point Rose Quartz: It is the gem of love par excellence, towards ourselves and towards others. Attracts love and strengthens our relationships. In the form of double point, they radiate energy in both terminations.

Quartz Geode: Quartz Geodes are symbol of union and strength, amplifying the energy in the inside. Also called "healing masters" releases, regulates and unlocks harmonic energy.

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