LOVE Generator pack


Sale! LOVE Generator pack with Rose Quartz for Feng Shui, Reiki or Chakras, of Mukhas

Pack of natural stones indicated for Gemotherapy, Feng Shui at home or Reiki.

With the energetic particularities of the gems, they exert a positive and beneficial influence in certain spaces or in ourselves, for a perfect enhancement to any environment.


This Generator Pack contains: A six-point Rose Quartz crystal generator (75x25mm), a Crystal Quartz point and a medium size Agate. 

Generators are a powerful crystal with an optimal shape to generate energy. 



Rose Quartz (Generator): Opens our hearts and strengthens our relationships. Heart Chakra

Crystal Quartz Point: Increases spiritual wisdom and knowledge, as well as clarity of thought. Crown Chakra.

Moonstone: The connection of the woman with the Moon is evident, and women are cyclical. This natural stone helps to calm and balance our emotions, enhances our feminine part and increases intuition.

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