September 22, 2016
Mukhas Collection




“Yoga is the adventure of life when you live it from the highest, from the inner place of wisdom, love and power “

The first contact with yoga…

Mexico gifted me with the first contact with yoga, more than 20 years ago, its magic and numerous awakenings along the years. In USA, besides graduating as PhD in Environmental Sciences, I met some of her most influent teachers (Sianna Sherman, Douglas Brooks,Sally Kempton, among others) and had the opportunity to dive into the study of yoga and to make this practice the essence of my life.

In 2005, and after a long stay in India, I returned to Spain to do what I like the most: share the teachings of yoga… I have the honor to be the first Anusara® Yoga Certified Teacher  in Spain (2006), Anusara®Yoga Certified Teacher Trainer,  E-RYT 500® by Yoga Alliance.

Yoga & Surf, a nice combination. What does it mean for you?

A experience of awareness, of surrendering to something bigger, and at the same time, of connection with your own power.  Surf brings to your life simplicity, groundness, new challenges that face you with your fears and connect you with your humility and your strength. But, more than anything, it  is a lot of fun!!!

Surf gives you a closer relationship with the Ocean and with nature and a deeper connection with your own power.

Regarding to yoga and in my seventeen years of practice, yoga has never stopped being a revolution, shaping body, mind and heart; the way I experience my life and the Universe around me. Yoga gives flexibility and strength, connects you with your inner wisdom, your intuition and helps you to live from an inner placer of calm and happiness.


Why Mukhas its gems & crystals?

I deeply love stones and crystals. This summer, going through a very critical time with a very serious injury in my leg, mostly immobilized and in the middle of an emotional storm, I gathered all my allies to get ready for the process that was ahead. No doubt some of them were stones and crystals. The were bringing the Earth medicine, so much needed in a moment of literal disconnection from my roots, with a big muscle and tendon tear in my right hamstring.

When getting stones and jewelry I let my intuition guide me. The jewelry I wear has a purpose and a meaning. I feel it like the Earth Medicine.
What can you tell us about Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is always with me. My japa (mantra recitation) companion reminds me of the place of stillness inside. That place that we call Shiva. Myth says that rudraksha sprouted from the Earth as Shiva shed his tears for the death of her beloved Sati in the fire pyre defending his honor. Tears transform pain and frustration into surrender and surrender is the magical portal for transformation. As it is mantra.

Rudraksha is the touch of mantra on my fingers.


How did you choose your Mala?

Injuries and disease are times of processing lots of shadow material. So I thought black. Lava stone. I immediately felt in love with two bracelets from Mukhas: The Volcanic Lava and the Eivissa bracelet.

Lava stone is fire transformed in solid ground. Just what I needed. Fire for the inner practices, so determinant in difficult moments, and grounding as the tear of my muscles was a disconnection from the Earth. Volcanic lava is also a black porous material that absorbs negative energies and helps to work with your shadow stuff.

The Eivissa bracelet inspired me for many reasons. I loved the description “for anyone going through a change of direction”. I loved all the stones too. And Eivissa is one of my favorite places in the world. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones since I was a child. Protector of gypsy travelers, reminder of the Ocean. During the days at home I used to close my eyes and visualize the sea and that brought me the feeling of freedom. Obsidian, another black stone. One of its properties is to help taking decisions. It was time for a big one. To go through surgery or let Mother Nature find the way of healing. That took a great deal of meditation, contemplation, of feeling my body. I felt truly assisted by the energy of obsidian and lava stone.

To complete the earth medicine kit, I felt instantly attracted towards the pendant angel aura. This angel quartz truly lights up my mood with its rainbow reflections and brings in the angelic energies for purification and protection. And there is such a healing power in being surrounded by beautiful things


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