The Ying and Yang Diet

March 21, 2016
Mukhas Collection
María González Santos, author of the blog YogayTé and certified in Bach Flower Therapy and holistic nutrition, reveals this month the traditional Chinese Ying and Yang diet. Super for this Spring! 


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One of the objectives of food is to be energized and provide the adequate nutrients to our body, but unfortunately we do not always consider this concept when we are at the table.

The meaning of feed should always be to nurture a healthy, natural and balanced diet. The science of the Chinese medicine, focuses primarily on the energy of  food, which can be classified as Ying & Yang.

Both devices can be extreme, which means that we need to consume unhealthy foods to counteract its effects. If for example we have eaten meat, we note that our body is asking us for some sweet food, coffee, milk…

If we eat food with energy belonging to Ying, as it could be some sugary drinks, alcohol.. we feel the need to compensate with Yang food such as cheese, sausage, etc …

Extremely Ying food:
They are those that cause swelling, chills, deconcentrate, they have a quick effect, blocks fat and makes us accumulate liquid.
*Alcohol, coffee, sugary drinks, dairy products, tropical fruits, Solanaceae (peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes …)

Extremely Yang food:
Accumulate, fatten, create warm feeling, and they give us the necessity of sweetie products .
*Seafood, poultry, meats, cheeses, eggs, sausages, pizzas, pastries, salt.

Ideally to maintain our balanced energy is to choose foods with stable vibration, and consume it daily:

  • Natural Sweetener (molasses, grain, agave syrup, natural fruit concentrates).
  • Fresh fruits (local)
  • Dry fruits
  • Seeds
  • Green vegetables
  • Algae
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetable Protein (Seitan, Tofu, Smoked, Tempeh)
  • Whole grains and whole wheat pasta
  • Fish


María Gonzalez Santos for Mukhas Collection

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