Why practice Meditation? Meditation to get back to oneself in 6 steps!

November 20, 2015
Mukhas Collection
Why to practice meditation? What are the benefits of meditation?
María González Santos, author of the blog YogayTé and certified in Bach Flower Therapy and holistic nutrition, shares with us this month some valuable tips for meditation to “return to ourselves”.






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“The spiritual journey is a journey back to our hearts” – Sri Purohit Swami

The human mind is constantly assailed by thoughts, images, memories, fears and doubts. Through the practice of meditation we can clear it and clean it, as we do with our bodies.

Many times we do not have time to sit in silence for a while every day. Anecdotally it is then when we should do it.

The practice of meditation helps us to connect with ourselves, to develop intuition and make us more aware of what actually happens inside and outside us.

“Meditation is coming home, to get back to oneself”.

There are many meditation techniques, no matter which one you use, they all have the same objective -Personal listening.

Today I share with you one of them:

Returning to our meditation center

1. Sit on the floor with the legs crosse, keep your back straight, make sure the place is quiet and nobody bothers you.

2. Close your eyes, rest your tongue on the palate, near the source of your teeth. Rest your hands on your thighs or lap. Focus your attention on the center of the chest at the level of Anahata Chakra.

3. Take several slow, deep breaths through the nose. Be aware at that time that you intend to connect with yourself. We do not have to judge or pay much attention to our thoughts, even if there are.

4. Keep breathing, feeling the air and its temperature. Feel your body from within, observe and listen. If your mind wanders, focus in the breath, and heart area.

5. When you are calm, imagine that with every breath your body is filled with a bright white light, energy, and with each exhalation drop bad thoughts and energy, and everything you do not need . Do not have expectations, just feel, meditation requires practice.

6. Once you finish your practice, slowly open your eyes, and move your body gently until you feel integrated into the “now”.


Meditation needs practice. It is required to have discipline and try a few minutes each day better than irregular long practices.

Remember that a good way to focus on oneself is based (as traditionally first meditation) in repeating mantras through Malas Beads.



María González Santos for Mukhas Collection


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