Exercise, the great source of health

October 29, 2015
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Antonio Arístides, personal trainer, dietician and physical education master with over 30 years experience, talks about the benefits of exercise in all its aspects. Do not miss this article!



The modernity of daily life, the displacements made (even the closest) with our utilities and, as a result, the lack of need to move our muscles are what have led the man to have the reputation of being the animal that moves less in a natural way to achieve their goals.

But, the lack of physical effort, what can lead us?

We all know that if the car engine is not turned on for a while, gets damaged. However, we tend to forget that both the body and the mind work better the more we use them.

When we exercise we not only seek to avoid suffering from any illness, but feeling good every day is, without doubt, a splendid sensation while increasing our quality of life.

Let’s talk about how exercise can benefit us!

– Achieving physical, mental and emotional balance. Yoga provides in this sense all the benefits.

– Stimulate metabolism. It is ideal to maintain or lose weight.

Strengthen and tone muscles throughout the body.

– Combat anxiety, stress and depression. The exercise is able to provide changes in our emotional state. It has a scientific basis. Our body releases endorphins, the hormone involved in the feeling of happiness. Studies conclude that endorphin release is directly proportional to the level of effort and exercise duration, and therefore not all exercise is equal for everyone.


Healthy Back. Yoga asanas and other activities are capable of providing “a gentle massage” on the spine. Correct our posture, stretching the torso and spine, and freeing us from annoying postural pains.

– Helps relieve menopausal symptoms, headache, menstrual discomfort and insomnia.

– Reduces circulation problems avoiding appearance of cellulite and varicose veins. Revitalizes tired legs. Dolphin posture in yoga is optimal for this purpose.

Prevents injuries and strengthens joints. It is not surprising that elite footballers and rugby players join the practice of yoga to prevent sports injuries.

In short, the exercise provides balance in all aspects of life.

¡Collect health through exercise!


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