Eat with Harmony in 10 easy tips!

December 30, 2015
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Antonio Arístides, personal trainer, dietician and physical education master with over 30 years experience, talks about the benefits of exercise in all its aspects. Do not miss this article!



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If we want to cultivate a proper health and to achieve a physical balance (both emotionally and spiritually) a good selection of food and habits will contribute to the harmony we need for a simple and natural way to find that vital energy that life demands us.

To achieve this harmony is important to follow a set of simple rules that begins in the moment we sit down to the table.

Once we know and have chosen the right nutrients and balanced diet, there are a number of requirements to know for a proper digestive energy level.


Here I detail a number of tips that undoubtedly will bring you even closer to the physical and mental harmony that we seek (and highly recommended this Christmas, a time of excesses)

1. Eat only when you have appetite and drink when you are thirsty

2. Do not drink water during meals. Liquid promotes gastric juices which makes a heavy digestion.

3. Avoid foods with dyes, sweeteners and chemical additives such as:  sausages, canned food, soft drinks, etc.

4. Choose fresh food like fruits and vegetables

5. Do not take food too cold or too hot

6. Try to make four meals with the amount of food your appetite demands

7. The lightest meal of the day should be dinner

8. Make a short walk after the two main meals. If not possible, avoid lying down immediately especially after dinner.

9. Chew food slowly and carefully is necessary for good digestion and to assimilate it efficiently

10. When meals, prevent stress, arguments, bad news and everything that can affect your wellbeing. A nice conversation and a serene music promotes a correct  digestion and, of course, a nice spirit!

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