Do we live in a conscious way? 4 questions to know it!

March 04, 2016
Mukhas Collection
María González Santos, author of the blog YogayTé and certified in Bach Flower Therapy and holistic nutrition, questions us this month how to live consciously. Lets find if we do live in a conscious way…


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Usually, when we introduced yoga in our life and we get into the spiritual world, we want to extend that state of wholeness and take it beyond the mat.

Here is when “the search” within us starts, and we begin to question and to listen to overcome our existence and live a fuller life.

As always the best way to do it is through reflection, and being aware of how our daily activities affect our energy level and awareness.


Today I share with you some steps to live more consciously:

1. Start to assess your environment, the place where you live, your job, do you like it? would you improve something? is it a quiet place or the opposite? is a nice and tidy place or all otherwise?

2. Then do the same with your social environment, whom do you usually associate with? do your friendships have similar interests to yours? do they help you overcome yourself and give the best of you?

Once you answer these questions, there will be others, such as the places where you move in your spare time, and how do you spend your valuable time.

3. Another very important step is to assess everything that absorbs your mind every day. What tv programs, series and movies do you watch? what kind of music do you listen? what type of reading you usually read?

By making all these questions and answering them in a honest way, you will find that they are a very valuable tool to get you moving to where you want to be, changing everything that is not in keeping your essence or that limits you.

4. Review the end of the day: How was it? would you add or remove something?

Do not forget that meditation is the best way to listen deeply ourselves, like japa practice to increase our concentration and mental clarity.


María Gonzalez Santos for Mukhas Collection

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